Overcast days…a photo trip to “The Mumbles”

Firstly, welcome to the blog! I would like you to share in a metaphorical glass of Champagne with me (I am doing dry January…also it is 09:34am……too early even for me!). I hope you enjoy the read, and come back in the future! Now into the post……….

Last weekend I went on a morning trip to the Gower Peninsula in Wales, specifically to The Mumbles. I’d checked the weather forecast and knew there was a chance of low cloud at sunrise but since I work full time I thought I’d go anyway…I would only regret it afterwards if I didn’t, plus worst case scenario I got some practice with my camera.

So I did – the alarm went off at 5:30am and I got in the car. The Mumbles is about an hour and a half drive away from where I live so I had plenty of time to get there before sunrise…except there was no sunrise…at all. As predicted the cloud cover completely killed off any colour in the sky so it was one of those mornings where it just “got lighter”.

The Mumbles Lighthouse

As an aside, I don’t know if I’ve just had bad luck lately or something else, but it seems that every time I have a free morning to go shoot it is overcast and grey. Then when I have prior plans or I’m going to work, the conditions are beautiful! I wish we had some “real weather” in the UK!

I realised I wasn’t going to get any award winning shots but I started picking out compositions, using black and white to disguise the boring conditions. I wasn’t amazingly happy with the results so I started looking closer at the landscape.

The Mumbles has some great rock formations there with what I presume are minerals colouring the rocks, so I started looking for patterns to which I could get in really close. I picked out this image in the rocks which I’m really happy with:

Abstract Rocks

“The Mumbles” – abstract rock composition

I love the colours; the deep bluey grey of the rock offset with the yellow lichen, and the greeny white rocks cutting through the middle. But most of all what I like about this image is the fact that I had a look for it, work the composition and come up with this shot by myself…it wasn’t presented to me or dumped on my lap. Technically, the image is focus stacked with 2 images (note to self – next time use a 3rd image as I still didn’t quite get everything 100% in focus here), and blended in Photoshop.

I did get a couple of “classic” views of the Mumbles pier as well, one in a high key minimal style, and one where I used some rocks as a foreground.

Mumbles high key

The Mumbles High Key

Compositionally I really like the image, but the conditions just weren’t doing it for me.

Was it a wasted trip; absolutely not! I got 1 image I’m really happy with and another which I really like the composition, but could be improved by better conditions.

Mumbles Pier long exposure

The Mumbles Cold Rocks

Also, getting out with my camera and practicing is reason enough for it to be a value trip indeed!

Thanks for reading, catch you on the next one 🙂


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